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Lowes in Los Angeles, California - Horrible, rude employees and service at Lowe's

My husband and I had a disappointing experience at Lowe’s store #1555 (2800 120th Street Hawthorne, California 90250). It all started at the beginning of May of this year. My husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen and wanted to get the cabinets, flooring, and countertops all done at the same place. We went to the Hawthorne store and met with Thomas Woods in the kitchen sales department. We did the necessary measurements for the cabinets placed our order for them and picked out the flooring and tile that we wanted. Thomas told us that the cabinet installers would come out to measure for the cabinets and then he would place the order. We only paid for the cabinets at this time. We wrote a check for $15,370.69. This included our cabinets and the cost for installation. The date was May 5th 2008. That night Reyes and I decided that we wanted a few cabinets changed. When I called Thomas the next day I informed him of the changes we wanted. He told me that he had ordered our cabinets already and that we would have to wait until the cabinets were delivered. Then he would have someone come and pick up the ones that were going to be replaced and put the new order in. He did the opposite of what he had told us originally. He ordered the cabinets before the cabinet installers came to measure for the cabinets. This was the cause of all of our problems with the cabinets being late and having to be reordered. After this is when I started to have difficulty getting in contact with Thomas. I would call him, leave a message and never get a return call. Or I would get a hold of him, he would say he was with another customer and would call me back to answer my question. He never called me back. I would end up having to call him again. I do not think that this is how you train your employees to treat customers. I had told him form the beginning that since I am a teacher I wanted the kitchen completed before I returned to work on August 25th. He assured me it would be plenty of time. If Thomas had waited to put our order in until after the installers had come to measure this delay with the cabinets would not have happened. My husband and I were left in the dark and due to the lack of communication on Thomas’ part we decided to purchase our flooring and countertops elsewhere. If Thomas had simple returned our phone calls and answered our questions instead of blatantly and rudely ignoring us, we would not be as upset as we are. It seems that Thomas ordered our cabinets and once he got his commission, he forgot about us. We would have continued with the countertop and floor we had selected from the Hawthorne store and we would have placed our order with them. Because of the lack of customer service that we received we will never recommend Lowes to anyone who is considering remodeling their kitchen and certainly will not shop at your store again.
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After reading most of the Invalid complaints on this site..I actually found one that is valid. I work for lowes and I feel your pain...the way that the salesperson handled the entire situation was very unprofessional..especially knowing that you only order after the installers measure..That's the same for any of our departments.

I am so Sorry for your inconvenience. :sigh


This is a complete drop of the ball by the sales associate who helped you. First, the only thing you should have paid for on that first night would have been the detail fee to have the area measured out, then over the span of a few meetings you would have to go through each and every inch of your kitchen design.

When you are finished designing it then and only then should the cabinets have been ordered. I believe your incident to be the exception to the rule as to how I have seen most kitchen cabinet departments ran.


How about racial discrimination. The Hialeah store in Florida hires racial discriminating people.

Yes in hialeah, florida that employees name was obrian. I am asking the state of florida to look into it as I was the one who dicriminated.

I think it was her attitude that made it worse. Since I have her full name if I see her working there or anywhere else I will make sure to point her out.


As far as sparrow's comment goes, I am a cabinet specialist at Lowe's and the employee mentioned in the complaint did not do things correctly. The reason the installer measures BEFORE cabinets are ordered is to ensure the correct sizes are ordered.

And as far as being too busy to follow up with the customer, that is INSANE because anyone who has ever worked reatail knows that the customer is number one priority, whether they are "pissy" or satisfied.

I don't like all my customers (in fact, I dislike most of them) but that is no reason to neglect them. My job is not to like my customers, it's to give them a new kitchen and great service, which this employee obviously did not do.


Complaints! Do your flippin job right and customers would not complain!!!!If you were waiting for cabinets an extra 6 weeks I doubt you would be too happy either.

How about you do your jobs and enjoy it instead of having an attitude all the time.

Get a life or get another job were you do not have to work with people. I wrote this especially since I used to work in retail and I understand the business!!!Before you respond to someone with an idiotic answer think about what you are going to say or don't respond at all.


Tsk, Tsk.

Too many complaints about ridiculous things. The poor guy was busy, had other customers to deal with, and quite frankly, some pissy customer worried about what day their cabinets get delivered is not top priority in a retail enviroment.


Ahhh....a teacher! That explains A LOT, here!!

WORST people to have to deal with! Well, College professors, but I digress......I'm sure that if the sales specialist in cabinets would have done EVERYTHING the way you wanted, it still would have been "wrong".

Just a hunch on my part, folks, just a hunch. (But I bet a correct one, if you read some of my other posts about Lowe's customers).

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