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Lowes in Los Angeles, California - Special Window Coverings order

Order placed & paid for on 6/9/2019. 3 Bali Verticals were delivered & installed on schedule in early July. Remaining item, cellular shade for arch window, remains on back order. I have heard various reasons from Lowe's staff regarding the last item that remains on "back order" in August. Material out of stock, material hold/QC issue, production delay. Waiting for a follow up call on 8/12 with status. Want to cancel if shade is not available for delivery the week of Aug 12. Not resolved!
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Why are you complaining about Lowes? They don't make shades.

Who makes the shade you are waiting for?

Your complaint should be with them. The only information Lowes can give you is what the manufacturer gives them and I am sure it is even more frustrating for them as they have to deal with both you as their customer and a supplier who is behind in shipping.


My order was placed with Lowes. Lowes represents Bali.

I have no way to follow up on my order direct with the manufacturer Bali Follow up with my local Lowes is my only choice and takes forever and when there is a back order, there is really poor customer service. The phone system is terrible. If you try to get the Operator at my local store, the phone rings and rings. I finally spoke to a manager on Friday night.

He was supposed to get me an update today. No call back and no message.

I will have to go in person. If shade is not delivered this week, I want this last item cancelled.


Lowes represents Bali by displaying their product and offering it for sale. The lead times for product production are provided by Bali.

When there are delays all Lowes can do is check on the status for you and pass that information along. They are not able to run over to a Bali factory and make you a shade. In turn Bali purchases material for their shades from other suppliers and if the are behind in shipping it will delay the order. My point is that it is not the retailers fault there is a delay and there is nothing they can do about it.

If you had ordered the shade at Home Depot or any other store that sells Bali the result would have been the same.

No need to take it out on the store, it is out of their control. Cancel the order and buy another brand if you think it will get there quicker than the Bali.


Lowes Manager offer poor customer service. Do not call Lowes in the evening at 8pm.

You will be told they have to follow up with Bali next day. I was put on hold while Mgr had to login to a terminal to look up my transaction. The notes online did not make sense to him. I agree the main problem is with Bali, but Lowes is the company that took my credit card purchase on 6/9.

I have no way to know if I have been givne accurate infor from Lowes staff. Too many stories about material hold/QC issue and then production delays.

I plan to cancel this last shade and ask for a refund. I will go in person to the store- no more attempts to get refund by phone.


The employees at Lowe's are having a blast, having the luxury vacation of a lifetime in Bali, Indonesia, with all of the money that they gypped their unsuspecting customers out of.

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