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Lowes in Santa Clarita, California - Worst custmer service, these people don't know anything about business they are in.

We have had very bad experience with canyon country Lowes location. we went to store on 11/9/2015 and ordered 1 blind, 2 roman shades and 2 solar shades. it cost us about $2350. thy said first they will send somebody to measure the windows. after a week the measurement guy came to our house but did not have required equipment (ladder) to measure the windows. sent another contractor and he measured the window sizes so we went and order all window treatments, after 2 weeks items arrived and contractor came to install only with 2 items out of 5 and those were wrong size. We contacted Lowes, they corrected it and installer came back and installed 3 other blinds while they are waiting to receive those 2 wrong size items. 2 of those 3 blinds where wring type too also installer throw away our old blinds. we contacted Lowes and they told us they will order correct items again and we did not hear from them until today (12/18/2015) which we call them. Sadly they never corrected the ordered and never ordered new blinds. they did not have no idea about any order and delivery estimate. I wanted to cut the lost and cancel all order but the lady said you can't. we don't reimburse because we already installed 2 (wrong type) blinds and thats your problem if our installer throw away your old blinds. and BTW even if he did not throw them away I cannot put them back myself, that's why I paid $900 to Lowes only for installation. Make it short, we made sure that they order the items correctly this time over the phone but nobody has any idea when vendor will send the stuff, they don't even give us any estimate. I'm sure it won't be done this year. Your company mismanagement created a awkward holiday for my family. they still cannot give us estimate, they said oh it's only delay but we will do it eventually. I cannot believe it, after 2 months we are still at point 0 and we cannot even cancel and return to normal life. I'll never go to any Lowes store in my life. if you cannot do business get out and close your store.
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Lowes Installation
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Lowes in San Jose, California - Lowe's appliance install failure

Lowe's refuses to do simple water hose hook up for new refrigerator - basically does not complete refrigerator installation by leaving the waterline unattached, will not use the copper line currently available and do a simple shut off valve attachment - requires a plumber to complete the install. Wastes time of customer, does not complete the purchase installation, refuses to honor commitment of full installation. Not an example of customer service to emulate. Might want to consider not outsourcing the final contact with the customer to a third party - creates poor communication or no feedback, requires second, third calls to the customer service dept at Lowe's and then the call center then puts you on hold to direct you to the store.
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The problem here is communication. Lowe's is supposed to install appliances but if something is not up to today's code, they won't do it.

This means that if you have an older home that had older appliances hooked up and working when you bought the home, Lowe's will not install the new appliances if the older ones were not hooked up to today's standards. When I bought an old home eight years ago, there was a lot better communication. I did what I needed to do to make everything fit in it's space and prepared the area for installation. This was done with the advice and guidance of the salesperson.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of communication by salespersons today. If you tell them that the appliances are going into an older home, they should be advising you on the various preparations necessary before you order appliances and have them installed. This would avoid all the frustration of appliances not fitting into the space because of unknown factors regarding the measurement of the appliances and the possibility that your appliance may not be able to be hooked up if the home does not have the specific requirements. Regarding the refrigerator hookup, simply letting you know what Lowe's will and will not do ahead of time would have avoided the frustration of believing they were going to connect it and then being told you need to get a plumber.

Your employees may be laughing but the customer is not. Train your salespeople in appliances to better communicate with the customer, and you will avoid having frustrated and angry customers calling you with complaints.


Lets Clarify, This was a "Free Delivery" not an "Installation" as you claim. These were not "Third Party Contractors" They were Lowes Employees.

It is not their responsibility to do plumbing work at your home. If they were to connect your water line and it leaked Lowes would be responsible for any damage that occurred. It is a simple liability issue.

So either pay to have someone do the simple task of hooking up your water line, or man up and do it yourself. If you go to Lowes and talk to the Plumbing Pro there, I'm sure he can set you up with the knowledge and materials needed to do this 5 min task.


If the DELIVERY DRIVERS connected your plumbing and screwed up, you would run to Lowes demand they pay for everything because they weren't LICENCED PLUMBERS.......that's why hook up is additional labor...would you expect a car mechanic to perform medical surgery...NO!!! Stop whining


Their install guys are not licensed plumbers... local plumbing codes help you by not allowing delivery guys to do your plumbing.

If they install a shut off valve and connect it and it leaks, do you think your homeowners will cover the damage??

The obvious answer is no. Get a licensed plumber to install the valve and I'm sure he will connect it at no charge.


Actually it waste the time of Lowes Delivery Team. Now, once you get your plumbing up to code like it's suppose to be before they deliver the refrigerator, they will have to make another trip to finish the installation.

It is not the job of the delivery team to put in shut off valves, update your old plumbing etc.

You are suppose to have the plumbing up to code so they can hook up the waterline to the proper fitting/shut off valve before they deliver the appliance. You should have to work in the appliance department for one hour and see just how ridiculous your complaints sound from the employee's side.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Oceanside, California - 7 1/2 months to get a workable shower

I bought a French door shower from Lowe's and it was installed last Dec. 25, the installer hacked it to pieces with rough edges, uneven doors and I could put my hand under the doors. Lowe's ordered me a traditional shower door, that one popped when opening the door and it leaked. Ordered another door and Kohler's sent the wrong size doors. I finally got my shower in July, 7 1/2 moths later. This week one of the door guide was loose and I discovered that the bolt threads were stripped and the installer had glued it with silicone. I also bought a microwave from Lowe's a couple of years ago and discovered 2 months later that the installer only bolted one side so it was hanging down 1/2 inch. Don't ever let Lowe's install anything.
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You realize that humans work for Lowe's, right? Nobody is perfect.

Grow up! Have you called to see if the installer could come back out??

Probably not. I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Palm Springs, California - Sales Specialist did not complete order.

I requested that Lowes install a security/screen door from a Sales Specialist on June 6, 2011. An installer came out to measure the door two days later. When the sales specialist called with the measurements, I told her that he measured for the wrong kind of installation. She said that she would send someone else out to re-measure. As of today, August 16, 2011, no one has come out. I have spoken with her and a supervisor and no one has taken care of this problem. I am appalled by the lack of professionalism and unreliability of such a large company. I will take my business elsewhere.
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thats probably because you are a ***

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Sacramento, California - Lowe's - bad installation - huge lawsuit - legal tactics

Hi - our family is involved in a huge lawsuit with Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. To see our story about an installation that caused us to have to move from our home for 14 months and that made our family sick.... go to I am shocked at what we have gone through and they recently subpoenaed our FaceBook Records... in our opinion it is a bullying tactic. This has now been going on for 3 years. The beginning tells it all... I reported our problem to Lowe's and they only turned it in to their insurance after I complained to the Better Business Bureau 2 MONTHS later! I hope no one gets stuck in the same position we are. Please go to our site. Thanks!
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I'm surprised lowes didn't fix the issue for you. I work for lowes as a kitchen designer and anytime an issue occurs they take care of it and will pay for the redo and give money back. Now lowes CEO is laying of tens of thousands of employees because of all the lawsuits.


I have asthma and my kids now have allergies to mold from a bad roof install back in 2011. I have been fighting them 6.5 years.

Advanced engineering said Lowe's waso 100% responsible and Classic construction hired by Lowe's after they admitted guilt said they house was too damaged by black mold to repair and must come down.

I was forced to live in my back yard with two little boys in a tiny 19 foot camper going on our second Christmas without room for a tree. I am still today fighting with everything I have to those low life bastards!


I am currently locked in 8 month battle with them over a door installation that has caused mositure to get under the flooring and mold


Been there, Done that. My lawsuit was different.

I was injuried by a product, that they had damaged, while in storage. The lawsuit was in the court system for six yrs. At trial they had over 6 layers in the court room. That about all I can say.

They will come after my family. If I say to much. No joke.

That what the lawyer told me. Check out



Hi Bill - the reason I started the website after the Facebook Subpoena... apparently you chose to make a comment without reading the case.


You have your own website regarding your litigation case against Lowes and you're surprised that they would subpoena your facebook information? Geez.....

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Los Angeles, California - Excess installation charges

recently i had a microwave installed above the stove and under a cabinet by lowes and was charged a extra fee for what the installer said was a modification by adding a flex exhaust pipe and laying a 1x3 peice of wood across the inside of the cabinet as the exhaust pipe hole was to large to bolt the microwave to / i call this normal instalation not a modification / for this i was charged a extra $55 by the installer / i wish to thanks lowes for the store credit i just recived for $55 and the consumer complaint line for getting this coreccted / sincerally david sandefur
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my gosh you all are mean, no wonder I do it myself, I wouldn't want to do business with any of you! $400 for a microwave install is outrageous, it;s so easy a girl can do it...I'd charge half and feel I got paid a fortune.


It's no wonder Menards doesn't offer installation. Look at all the complaints about installation on Lowes and Home Depot installation from consumers who don't want to pay for the work needed. They don't need the headaches guys like this cause.


You consider what normal installation? Are you an electrician or contractor?

Nope you're not...I'm quite sure you were informed in the contract that additional charges may jus want something for nothin. Real classy of you.


Mr Sandefur, your success should be congratulated. Some of the comments here show just how some of Lowes' outlets are out to *** out of your hard earned money. I'm sure if they had been in your shoes they'd be ***' and moanin'.


Must agree with retailer4life. David Sandefur, had you gone with ANY electrician to do that same job, it would have cost at a MINIMUM $400, and that is IF any electrician would come out for such a *** little job.

You just stole $55 from the pockets of the workers at that store, not Lowes itself. Hope you are proud of yourself.


Okay, ***, LISTEN REAL CLOSE here, NORMAL INSTALLATION is just that....NORMAL installation. WHENEVER a contractor i.e.

installer has to do anything more to make something fit. it is ALWAYS an additional charge! Do you do work for free?? Why don't you just go back to Lowe's and complain that the whole friggin' microhood should be free, too??

Please all of you people, go through Lowe's @ pissed consumer and read my other posts, this is getting ridiculous!! I just wish you "know it alls" (who know NOTHING at all about retail) would come into my appliance dept. sometime!! Jeez.....

And before you *** respond with your childish replies, take a good long look in your mirror and realize the problems we encounter as sales specialists, be it Lowe's Home Depot, Menards, etc. ALL start and end with you "know it alls".

Gawd... come on retirement age so I can get out of this!!

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