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Return policy is a lie we was given a wood stove for anniversary gift and it was purchased at Lowe's trying to return it for store credit or exchange and without receipt because missing parts they refuse to help us. It was a gift who the *** would ask ur grandparents for the receipt of a gift I recommend Lowe's to no I e and I. Going to let every website know how lows is
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We purchased a new dishwasher a while back at the Tulare store and are very happy with it. As a thank you we received a gift card and then a thank you card with $10 of with $50.00 purchase. We were in the Porterville store and bought $60.00 plus in merchandise. My husband presented his military ID and the $10.00 card (which they rand through and deactivated. They did not give us our Military discount and said we could not use both. There was nothing on the card to indicate that. I thought the military discount was a thank you for those that have served our country. I hope that is not your policy or the way you treat veterans. Needless to say I will not shop at Lowes if that is the way they treat veterans.
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It acutally is the policy. Send me an email and I will give you the $6.00 you are so pissed about. Grow up!!!!


You could of split your purchases. Walmart *** me off everytime I go to the store, but I still go. While you leave Lowes, someone pissed off at another home improvement store will take your place, so I'm sure you won't be missed.


I do not work for Lowes, but it has come to my attention that they only allow 1 discount to be used at a time. If you wanted to use the military 10% discount you could have, but you couldn't use the coupon.

However you're another one of those entitled idi0ts.... Menards the 3rd largest home improvement store in the United States stopped giving a military discount because they're not special! Eventually everyone becomes a senior citizen so you get those discounts... However, people like teachers/doctors/policemen/fireman they don't get a discount...

Military is a career choice nothing more...

I have coworkers who have been in the military and they think you people are STRAIGHT UP FOOLS! YOU DIDN'T JOIN THE D@MN MILITARY FOR A 10% DISCOUNT.....

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I worked the loews in Fresno CA and let me tell you that was the worse job! When i was first hired i was never told how many days you can miss, when you start getting vacation, holiday pay or anything. When i asked a head cashier or my supervisor i never got the same...
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lol being cashier is literally the *** job at lowes lumber, paint, appliances or receiving is where its at man

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