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Lowes - Fan Review from Stockton, California

Payed for a fan 11/11/14 to be in in 1 week the manager was helping me and said we will call you !!!no call so I call the store they tell me there was 3 sold and no more in store!!item to be discontinued!!front desk said she would check on it had me on hold 33 min, so I hung up and called back asked to speak to a manager had to wait at least another 25 min.dave gets on Only to be told he's not sure what's going on but the trucks on the way and my item might be on it!!!Told him what the front desk told me that there was 3 sold and he said they don't no what there talking about so why do I have to call and check on something I already paid for?? And not get no answers this is bull what kind of store employes do you hire that don't no nothing when they have a computer !!!
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Your grasp, or lack of grasp I should say, of the English language is frighteningly awful.

" don't no nothing "


" doesn't know anything "

"And not get no answer "

aka " Still have gotten no answer " Please try harder!!!

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Poor customer service

Lowes in Stockton, California - Lazy or unsure of their work

Walked into Lowe's and asked an employee to show me where to have automotive keys duplicated, he pointed to isle 15 and said he would call someone for me. I got to the isle and the other employee was waiting as i got there. I asked can you duplicate my key for me, it's a transponder key. I have my own transponder key as well.. Lowes employee : We don't carry transponder keys here. Me : I have my own I just need you to make a copy of it. Lowes employee : sorry sir we don't carry those key.. Me : No I have my own, I just need you to duplicate my key. Lowes employee : That's a dealer key sir we don't have them.. Me : All I need is for you to do is duplicate this key to this key. Lowes employee : standing and still holding both my key's says, we can't do that cause we don't want to be responsible for ruining your key.. Me : Look I paid $12 dollars for this key, if you ruin it i will not care, I just want you to copy my key please.. Lowes employee : NO..... I left and walked into home depot, I asked an employee what isle do they duplicate automotive keys, he says I'll take you there.. I asked the Home Depot employee "can you duplicate my transponder key, I have my own.. Home Depot employee : Sure!! 5 minuets later I was walking out with my fresh cut transponder key.. Got home and programmed it and TA DAAAA... works perfect.. Thank you Lowes for hiring lazy people who cant seem to do the job they were hired to do..
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Their policy is there for a reason. Sure, you say you don't care if they ruin your $12 key...

You'll have that attitude as long as it doesn't get ruined.

If it got cut wrong you'd be crying to talk to the store manager and demand reimbursement for your key. You should have had whoever you bought the key cut it, unless you bought it on the internet to save the cost of buying it at a local store who has to figure in the cost of the occasional miscut key as well as the labor costs of an employee cutting that key for you.


I understand that the situation you were presented with is frustrating.

What I can tell you is, it is Lowe' Policy not to cut "coded" or "electric/programmed" keys. You have to understand that rules are the way they are because someone, at some point in time had it done, f'd it up ans sued us for the liability.

So just because you are intelligent enough to follow to process the right way, and not seize your car with a faulty key. Not everyone is.

I have worked for HD and Lowe' s and to be honest that is the policy in both places. What I am assuming is you got an employee who figured it would all work out, which thankfully it did.

The so quoted laziness does not really fall on the employee of Lowe's, because in fact they were not being lazy. That associate was following the rules.

What you might be unaware of, is the Key making area is a very high theft area, and it under constant surveillance.

I have personally witness employes being caught on tape making keys they are not suppose to.

May not be what you want to hear, but its the truth.


Are you even old enough to drive, they said no, it is not lack of knowledge or laziness it is they cannot do it.

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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution

Lowes - I bought a tire for a lawn mower in your store in stockton, ca, which is store #1545

well I discovered that I did not need the tire and return to the store to return the item . I had the receipt for the item and told me I had return the item three times aleady which was not true so I as to speak to the manager, the manager came and he ask for my phone number and said he was going to review video tapes from store security cameras to verify that I had actually bought the item at the store. after about 20-30 minutes standing there, and the video confirmed that I made the purchase. this happen aug 13 2013 my attorney Peter D. Sloane sent a letter Lowe's Executive Support Lowe's Inc. 1605 Cutis Bridge Road Wilksboro, NC 28697 October 7, 2013 Attorney phone number is 360-836-2043 my name james harris I am a 67 year old African- American disable veteran my phone number is 209-430-2974 the manager told they do every this way, because people find receipts another person thrown on the ground in the parking lot. the manager was trying accuse me of trying to steal from the store by picking up a receipt in the parking lot on the ground.
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waiting to here from you lowe's


So what exactly is the issue? You have an issue with Lowes trying to protect their interests?

People do in fact try all sorts of thieves concerning returns. Did they eventually let you return the item?

Sure sounds like they did, but yet YOU STILL HAVE AN ISSUE. Get over yourself.


OK bud for your information when I purchase the lawn mower tire,one of the persons work at lowe's went outside with me to the parking lot to my truck to see the tire on the lawn mower to make sure I was buying the right tire, and when I return with the receipt and the tire three days later the same cashier where I bought the tire told me I had already return the tire three times aleady, and for you information the store manager call me and told me the cashier and the assistant manager had screw up,i don't know why I treated the way I was, so you tell me you know everything, what I think you should stay out of grown people business if you understand English, by have a nice day.




The feeling, I was feeling while I being checked out to find out if I was a crook, my mind went blank the whole time this was going,i was so angry and all I could do was stand there and take my brain back to viet nam where it was safe,when it was over,the assistant manager came over to me, gave me my money for the return item, and said I sure hope you come back to the store, and I said wow, and I left the store with my head all messed up. I was afraid to go to the mall, stores like lowe's;i well never go the again.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Stockton, California - Terrible Service at Lows

I went into Lowes to buy the Double Drive screwdriver for my dad for Christmas. The first man I spoke to didn't know what I was talking about. I told him the name and who made them. He then showed me some ratcheting screwdrivers and ignored me when I told him that wasn't what I was looking for. His friend them came over and looked at the man who was originally helping me and asked what he was looking for. He knew what the Double Drive was and told the other employee to follow him. He didn't look at me once and I had to jog to keep up. He then began to show and describe to his coworker what the double drive was, while blocking the case full of them. I stood there for five minutes until he looked over at me, said "Oh" and shoved one in my hands before turning back to his friend. I feel that because I am an 18 year old girl they felt no need to respect me as a customer which was not true. I plan not to return to that Lowes again.
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He blocked an entire case, with one body? Must have been a HUGE guy.

Or you're just small - both in body and mind. You are sexist and they did nothing wrong here.

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