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I bought a washer & dryer and was told a narrowed time for delivery would be set up by a phone call on Sunday (8th). I was called, at 9:27 PM.

We were already asleep, the call could have been earlier (Sunday has 24 hours in it) since we are considered elders, phone calls that late at night are upsetting.

This complaint is from Marcella Norton order #372202429. Please let someone who is in charge know about this, did not appreciate the calling time at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Lowes Pros: Lowes service was great-it was the calling time of delivery.

Lowes Cons: Time of night called to tell delivery tme.

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I guess they shouldn't have bothered calling you at all. Keep in mind some of the deliveries on the truck are from sales made on Sunday.

They really can't start calling till the trucks are loaded an they know that everything on the order was there. Once the truck is loaded they know in what order deliveries will be made. This is something they can't do first thing in the day. No matter what time calls are made someone will be upset.

You go to bed early and would prefer a call earlier in the day.

If you worked nights and slept during the day you wouldn't want a call during the day. Unfortunately you can't please everyone.