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Can i return an window air condition that i brought for my son in July? Its over the 90 days.

Do you think they will return it? i have the receipt~ thank you k

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If you are returning it because it's broken, call the manufacturer. it should be under warranty.

If you are returning it because you're not satisfied with it...

lowes has a 90 day return policy. even with receipt


Why would you expect a store to take back an item you used for the season? They aren't a rental shop.

It's people like you, expecting stores to take back anything, that drive retail prices up.

Quit buying things you don't intend to keep. I don't want to contribute to the cost of your son's air conditioning in the form of higher prices for what I buy.

to Anonymous #1626316

Ok thanks~ I'll sell is privately. i did not realize 90 days had passed.

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