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I have been trying for over a week to talk to some one sbout an order that i placed for a ladder for an above the ground swimming pool. The first order I received was incorrect.

The numbets on the parts were nothing like the order number that I placed. When i tried to return to the store for credit, it was not in their system so they told me to call customer service, which i have been ttying to do for over a week with no answer. Only music and on hold for hours. Then yesterday we teceived another box that was again not the order for the ladder we wanted, but even worse it was not even the whole ladder only half of it.

All i want at this point is a credit for the pool ladder. Please either call me or issue me a credit. Never had this much trouble with an order from lowes. Roger wright order #41375**** invoice 74853 item #200100T.

167**** model30303 price $256.38. Please let me know something by email or call!

Location: Forest, Mississippi

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Try e-mailing them rather than using the phone. The stores that are allowed to be open are handling more customers than usual with fewer people as well.

Keep in mind these stores are allowed to be open to sell "essential" items (don't think a pool ladder qualifies). Just be happy that there are stores available to sell you products and understand you may have to be patient to get problems with an order corrected.

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