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I have had the worst experience with Lowes of any store I have dealt with ever. Specifically I am dealing with the Lowes in Memphis, TN on Winchester. I went to the store looking for a refrigerator and they convinced me that a Bosch Linea cabinet depth fridge was an excellent model and I purchase a model at what I think is a good deal. They can only schedule the delivery a week out which is fine I can wait. The day that they delivered the fridge they essentially just brought it into the space in my kitchen on a dolly put it on the floor, and start to push it into place at which point it starts making a horrendous noise which they insist is perfectly normal and then they leave.

I should have watched them more closely and I would have known that not only did they not level the fridge at all but they also pushed the fridge into place with a large metal plate protruding from the bottom scraping my hard wood floor. And there are now parts on the bottom the fridge tha look like they are getting crushed.

I call Lowes back to complain and they say they will send another guy out right away. So a couple hours later this guy arrives by himself when really this is a two man job to begin with and he looks at the fridge tells me he can't level it but that he will contact the manager to have him call me to schedule another person to fix it but in the process of trying to level it he has put the fridge extremely high in the front and very low in the back.

The manager calls me back and says that he can't get someone to come out until Wednesday morning (this is on Sunday by the way). So over the period of Monday and Tuesday the fridge starts to make loud noises intermittenly which I can only assume is due to the angle of the fridge and what occured during delivery. So I wait all morning on Wednesday and no one ever shows up. I call later and speak with an assistant manager as the store manager is on vacation and she says they can replace the fridge and she will call me back. I don't hear from her for a couple hours so I call back and she says she can't bring another fridge that I have to call the Lowes service 800 number. I do so and the prompts on thei automated system just send my call to Bosch who promptly tells me this is an installation issue and I have to contact Lowes. I all the same mamager back and she says she is sure I should call the service number but will do it for me and call me back. I wait another hour and no word from her so i call her again. This time she tells me the Lowes service said this would be fine and I should just call this authorized Bosh aplliance repair company. I call them and they tell me that no they only have an agreement with Bosch, this is a Lowes Installation issue and if I have them come out it would be out of my pocket. I call the manager back and tell her this and she tells me that she does not know what to do.

So now I am stuck in a situation where I have a fridge that is just getting worse, the Lowe's installers don't know how to install or fix the Bosch fridge they sold me and the Lowe's Management won't help me even though it is entirely their installers fault by their own admitance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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sorry ur having such a problem i work in delivery for lowes in nashville and what ur describing is not lowes policy that we do our team always makes sure the customers appliance is level and in good working order and never or try our hardest to never damage a customers home and if we have the unit in stock it goes out the next day no question sounds like ur just dealing with one bad store not all r like that

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