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have tried to contact to schedule repair for refrigerator at various times over 3 week period and put on hold for 30 minutes and longer.was able to get through to no.for renewing contract but not for submitting claim. will definitely not renew if I can't get repairs made before my present plan expires in August.

User's recommendation: couldn't recommend buying buying appliance from Lowes.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

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had Siding Installed and have experienced the same arrogant attitude, don't buy anything more expensive than a LADDER, MANAGEMENT HAS A CUSTOMER BE DAMMED ATTITUDE.


If you are going to purchase service plan either buy it from the manufacturer or your local utility. I purchased Maytag appliances and service plans on 2 of them from Maytag.

I have had 2 repairs to my dishwasher (different problems) this spring. Maytag answered the phone quickly and had service appointments set up within a week to 10 days. By the time the appointment dates came the parts necessary to complete the repairs had been shipped to my house so the repair could be completed on the first call.

Most of the service plans you buy from the retail stores farm out the service to the lowest bidder in the area rather than using factory service centers. Having sold appliances at another big box store I'd never purchase a service plan from a retail store.


service plans sold by Lowes are a ripe off, and a big profit item, most credit cards extend manufacture plans for up to one year. Big reason to check out Costco Warranty.

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