Los Angeles, California
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I was a user of Lowe's project card untill a week ago. Without reason or cause on my part the account was closed....

I found it redundant considering the fact their business is so slow many of their employees are having to quit due to lack of work hours... Home Depot appreciates stupidity like that considering they pick up more business that way. I will pay off my small balance and move on none worse for the experience. I will gladly tell all about the treatment one recieves in doing business with such a business....

I guess some companies would be better off if the were out-sourced to another country. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all that read this......

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I had a consumer credit card and just paid the balance IN FULL the end of December. Now I received a letter telling me they CLOSED my account.

I've been making my monthly payments on time and just decided to pay off the full balance.

Why would they do that? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

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