Traverse City, Michigan
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Two weeks ago we bought carpet from you and were told that the carpet that we bought would fit all the proposes due to the fact that it is a rental home.

However we did ask questions like, how long will this carpet last?

We were told 6 years and we cant see this carpet lasting more than 6 months.

We were never told that you could not have dogs nor a vaccume with a spindle brush on the end and if you do it would void warranty.That should be told when carpet is bought.

We feel that your company was very dishonest and that your employee's were just trying to make a sale to meet their numbers.

We were referd to you by painters and builders and you lots us as a custermer and possible others.

Jon And Jennifer


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hahaha, i am with you niki.. i'm not much for the grammar police myslef, but wow is all i can say...

i felt like i was trying to decipher ancient egyptian hieroglyphics written by an American 1st Grader...

i am pretty sure my IQ just dropped off the charts after trying to read their comments.

sorry for the criticism, but hopefully it will become constructive criticism...


Wow..both of these posts are hard to read. I am not the grammar police, but proof read---It makes your complaints/comments more believable.


first if was for a rental property what kind of people do rent to ( pets ) allowed 100% customer who putting carpet want the cheapist carpet and when they don't like it after 6 month they get *** first who installed it second install with padding !!!

lowes doesn't manufacture carpets !!!

check warrenty on carpets basic 7 to 10 years

basic wear and tear !!!!

was it a in stock carpet ? or speical order in stock carpet we only get 14 cents that right 14 cents a foot commision and sos is not that higher so the making numbers thing is not the problem customer doesn't want to spend the money they don't remember u said it was a rental