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i have had a terrible experience with Lowes with both a carpet and a door installation.

For the carpet installation, i had someone come to my house and measure 2 rooms. No one called me with an estimate. When I called to get the estimate, the person i spoke with quoted me for rooms we were not carpeting (we were carpeting 2 bedrooms, and he was giving me quotes for carpeting a hallway). They were going to call me back, but not one did. I had to call again to get the estimate, and after 3 calls, I finally got an estimate. I was frustrated with the lack of customer service and with how hap hazardly they had handled my order that I took my business elsewhere. Someone was at my house the next day measuring, gave me a much lower quote, and installed the following week.

For the doors, I ordered the doors in Nov. I paid for someone to come measure, and when the doors came in, the installed told me they came in too small. I figured since I paid for someone to measure them, i should get the right size and asked them to reorder them. Two weeks later, the sales rep called me to say they had ordered the smaller door as that was the best option and they could build around it to make it fit the space. He said the installer would call me the next day. They didnt. Two weeks later, I realized I still hadnt heard from them so i called and escalated the issue with Lowes. They immediately had the installer call me, and then the installers arrived 2 days later. Unfortunately, they ordered the doors with the handle on the wrong side which did not work for our house. So, i have canceled my order and am taking my business elsewhere.

I will not go back to Lowes. I will only go to Home Depot in the future as Lowes has shown me poor customer service and has done little to nothing to rectify the issues I encountered. I actually tried to talk to a manager instead of posting something on the internet, but after the manager never returned my call after saying she would later the same day, I thought others should know of my experience in order to avoid this frustration.

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Lowe's is going to give you better service than Home Depot.