Carpet Fiasco October-November 2020

It all started easily enough- I went to my local Home Depot and Lowes (1308 Battlefield Blvd. N.

Chesapeake, VA 23320) to select new carpeting for my sunroom. After consulting with the guys that were going to remove the old carpet and replace it with the new, I determined the Granite Commercial Indoor Carpet from Lowes was the one.

Robert and Nick, the guys who were going to do the job for me had other jobs already lined up and would let me know when they could handle my carpet job. Within a couple of weeks, they called and we met at Lowes to make the purchase for completion of the job the following day. My Lowes store didnt have the carpet in stock, but checked their computer and told us that the carpet was available in two other area stores.

No problem. The guys said that they would pick it up and have it for the next day. Shortly afterwards, I received a telephone call saying that the first Lowes store they went to did NOT have the carpet, so they backtracked to the other storethe carpet was NOT there either! So not only was their gas, and time wasted going to two stores, they were unable to complete the job the following morning.

Robert suggested that I special order the carpet and this set off another comedy of errors.

I telephoned my Lowes, ordered the carpet, and when the salesman, Mike, charged me for the carpet, I thought the price was higher than I expected, but was happy to have the process going. I check the e-receipt and saw that the wrong carpet had been ordered. I called back and spoke to another guy in the Carpet Department, and he checked the order, and told me,Yes, the carpet ordered was Granite, but the receipt said Charcoal. I said alright, and then about a half hour later, decided to drive to the store and make sure.

I spoke to Mike and showed him the receipt and my carpet swatch and he said that he had ordered the wrong one. He then ordered the right carpet and refunded the difference to my credit card.

At that time I asked if I needed to add Roberts name to the order since he would be picking up the carpet. Mike said it could be picked up with my telephone number. Previously my home number had been associated with my Lowes account and I specifically asked that the number be changed to my cell since that was the telephone number that Robert had.

No problem, I was told.

So I got the call from Lowes that my carpet had arrived. I contacted Robert and we set up a date for the carpet installation--sounded good until he went to pick up the carpet. It couldnt be found! Also there was a tremendous problem because my telephone number, remember I had specifically asked for that to be changed, was not the one that Robert had.

The Granite was in stock that day and someone in the Carpet Department suggested that Robert take it could be returned, if it wasnt right. The thought of waiting in line to return something that had been so bundled was not feasible. So another frustrating day lost to Robert. The military coined a phrase for this SNAFU.

So again I visited the Carpet Department.

My Granite was I stock, and it was cut before my eyes, I wasnt going to leave until that was done.

I left a paper with every possible telephone number, the name of who was to pick up the carpet, notified Robert, and he had to make the trip again to my Lowes.

The carpet was replaced yesterday. It looks great.

Joy King

1305 Price Court

Chesapeake, VA 23320


Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

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