Brevard, North Carolina
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Purchased some carpet for a rental home I own which was scheduled for install between 9-11AM on 7/07/14. At about 935AM I was informed by Lowes the installer had a family health emergency.

No problem, I called my tenant who was miffed because she had scheduled her three young children to out of the house during the install, but we rescheduled for 7/11/14 between 9-11 AM.

On 7/11 Lowes calls at 945 AM again another family emergency for the same installer. Duh! If the guy has such serious issues , Why use him again for the same installation?

Called the tenant again, kids were scheduled out again, but she agreed they could come later that day. They arrived at 5PM didn't finish until 9PM and hassled the tenant about getting the door thresholds correct so the doors would close.

The carpet was $3 per yard more expensive than six months earlier for the same carpet. Called to complain , nothing! Next time Home Depot!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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