If you are a person that is looking out for American jobs don't not let Lowe's install your carpet. Three Spanish guys that could not speak a word English installed my carpet.

There was no possible communicating here! Also, it sounded like they were tearing my house down and that I was living in a foreign country. Never buy flooring again from Lowe's. They are in the process of installing it.

I will post layer about how the job turns out. Lowes markets like they are an American family place.? Really? Now I am listening to Spanish music.

Crazy! I posted more than need to say, but am required to type100 words.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #804512

I purchase 1633 sq. ft.

Stain master carpeting I was over charge $1996.00 the next morning I return as they were making the corrections they screw up 3 times before they got it right a different of $3000.00- $900.00 charges for Taxes and Labor the Promo read Stain Masters Carpet FREE Labor & Taxes with $5000.00 of materials. they made 2 separate receipts one for the Sub contractors materials such as padding tact strips labor on stairs. I had too insist on only one receipt for my "Lowes Promo 84 mos.at 5.9 %"

I got it!

Later then I called the credit card services checking on the amount I was still over charge $49.98 I took care of that. But still over charge of .98


While the installers where installing my carpet, I quickly changed my mind. Even though the installers couldn't speak English which I disapprove of, they did an excellent job.

They where so attentive about closing the door every time they went outside and turning the light off when they left a room. They were also quick, hardworking, and good.

I will not be so quick to judge next time. Maybe Lowes will provide them with a class to learn English!

Bloomingdale, Illinois, United States #695668

I have to agree with this person, the same thing happened to me and they installed it poorly and had to come back..the one guy kept shaking my hand and getting closer and closer..felt very uncomfortable..never again

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