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Have 420 sf of carpeting I needed done. Lowe’s quoted me $1,700 for the carpet and pad I wanted.

They measured for 560sf and when I contacted them to tell them they measured wrong, they said the installer needs at least 2 extra inches on every side to install and that they have to go by what the installers say. I would have thrown over $350 in the trash can had I gone ahead with the project.

Do your homework ahead of time and save yourself time, money and hassle. Don’t shop at Lowe’s.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Carpet Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You don't seem to understand how carpet is sold or installed. Carpet comes in 12' or 15' widths.

lets say you had an 8x10 area to carpet. that would be 80 square feet. Their quote would have been for 96 square feet (an 8' x 12') piece of carpet.

You will have an 8' x 2' scrap. Unless you rooms are exactly 12' or 15' wide and perfectly square you are going to have waste when you install carpet.

to Anonymous #1515640

If anyone doesn’t understand something, it’s you.I have 2 rooms that are each 17’7” long. Bedroom is 9’6” wide.

Living room is 13’ 10” wide. What I asked them to do was sell me two 12’x18’ rolls and use the extra 2’6” from the bedroom to make up the difference in the living room. Does that make sense? If not, go grab a calculator.

That’s 432 sf of carpet and I would have only wasted approximately 8” x 18’.They said no. Their installer wouldn’t do it.

to Anonymous #1516025

Why didn't you include this information in your original complaint? If you want people to take you seriously include the information that supports your position in your complaint.

to Anonymous #1517053

The installer would still need an extra few inches... The extra is there in case you need it under the baseboards.

It's better to have extra than to have too little and have you complain about being short.You could always get a second opinion from another company of course. No one is pushing you to buy installation from Lowe's.

to Anonymous #1517741

There are no baseboards yet. And for my situation, I told them exactly what I wanted. To me, saving $350 is more important than being 1” short along the wall because that wall was going to have furniture up against it anyway (plus the baseboard when I install it).

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