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In general, I love Lowes. Always seems to be a friendly staff person available to help you find stuff. That's great, and that's why I keep coming back. But it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.

At a check out aisle, I only had two small PVC adapters I wanted to buy (value -- a couple of dollars). Apparently, that little purchase raised her suspicions.

She asked me, "Only those two items"? The question made me feel like she didn't trust me and thought I might be trying to steal something (hidden in my pocket or somewhere or there might be something else wrong with my purchase).

Who knows? But the question put me on the defensive. Here I am trying to support their business, and the cashier disrespects me.

That's why I frequently consider shopping at Amazon since they don't want to ding shoppers with micro-aggressive questions that make them feel like a thief or otherwise devalued.

Lowes, please train/retrain cashiers to show as much respect for customers who spend two dollars and much as customers who pay two thousand dollars (let store security handle shoplifters). A lousy cashier can ruin an entire shopping experience. So, stop asking that type of question. It's offensive.

Lowes tries hard to serve the community’s home improvement needs. So, I’m confident they’ll do something about an occasional bad apple.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Pros: Salesman.

Lowes Cons: Cashier.

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Lol, micro-aggressive questions. Pull the stick out if your *** my friend. You think way to much of your self


“micro-aggressive questions” That’s a new one. Where did you get that term from, your shrink?

Relax and take your medication.

I’m sure it was an innocent question. Quit being so micro-sensitive.


Your an idiot. Please, this must be a joke. No one can be this dumb.


OMFG, are you kidding me? She asked you “only those two items” probably to try to engage you in conversation about your project/task.

Why is theft automatically where your mind goes?

Sounds to me like you have a guilty conscience. I also bet you’ve never worked w the general public.


I don't want to be engaged in any casual conversation when I interact with a cashier. A pleasant smile from him/her would more than suffice.

Oh, yes, if anyone has a guilty conscience, it would be the cashier. Most folks who work the cash register are fine, but some of them may have to deal with their unconscious biases, and this is something Lowe's needs to monitor or they can forget about my comment and I'll just shop elsewhere. No problem!

G.B. America that we have so many choices!


"lways seems to be a friendly staff person "Then you negate your first comment about friendly people. DB's such as yourself are the reason we have cashiers and such that don't want to be friendly not knowing what kind of @#$# a *** like you is on that day.Stay home next time loser.


"Always seems to be a friendly staff person available to help you find stuff" is a true statement. I never said there always seems to be a friendly cashier available at the register.

No "negation" here.Sadly, you are giving a reason why you are unfriendly instead of apologizing for being that way.

Customers pick up on that unfriendly attitude and avoid shopping at certain stores or avoid certain cashier lanes. The tone of your comments says it all!