Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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I walked up said hello! And said I had an online pick up.

He walked away and never said anything. I see him and another associate going through stuff in a cabinet. If he would have spoke to me I would have told him it was a 9 ft umbrella. But he went through many small things as a I watched from afar.

And then he came back. And I said if you would have spoke to me I would have told you what it was. He said we figured it out.

10 min. Later he has me sign and that was my unfriendly shopping experience.

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Orange, Texas, United States #831469

Hello lowe's I wish to say something about your policy towards veterans that shop at your stores. I and many more vet's want to know why you changed your policy towards us.

I have shopped at your store for a long time and now you do not want my business any more as you have elected to change your policy towards us now that we are not service connected. Was not our service time good enough for you now? It was before you wanted every nickel and dime we service people spent in your stores - yes, we where good enough for you then but not now if it wasn't for every one of us that serve in the arm forces .from the being of of all the was we have fought in and our fellow buddie's die and some of us lived to finish it . People like you would not have a store to sell any thing .

How can you people be so foolish to say only if your wounded that your connected do you employed a policy maker that felt that he hate's those that was not wounded or one that never stood up for his country -what is it? I feel a person that would stoop that low to try to segregate service men and women from one who fought and one who served in our country to keep It free is just as important as the one who died for it because they both would die for it. you are without a doubt one who along with a few more are not worth a crying dime as the saying goes.

I am not mad - just saying what has to be said you can bet your bottom dollar that this will go out to all veterans by word of mouth and by phone and will be said as in as many service organizations that can be reached. if you value the x-service men and women and those who served to Keep you free you free write a public opology brad lanthier 5655 highlander orange texas 77630

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