Washington, District Of Columbia

4-20-08 i made a purchase at lowes. the cashier did not bag instead left my roomate to do it.

also he sat a rake i purchased behind him causing us to leave it behind. we had to return again to get it. i shop there often but this person made me think about not returning to shop there. i am a credit card holder with lowes.

i have never before been treated so badly at your store. i hope never again or i will never shop there again.

and will also advise my friends and family. ticket info 0340 terminal:62 4-20-08 13:20:48 sales #s0340jm1 1075188 store located at 5405 wadsworth bypass arvada co also on ticket invoice #62515

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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Buckley, Michigan, United States #19124

you are a WHINER....

Needville, Texas, United States #16305

I'd have thought you'd say something to the manager... is not bagging stuff (and what stuff?

would it even fit in a bag? how much was there?) 'beyond rude'?

you kinda... strike me as a super whiner.

Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia #13890

Ummm.. This is not Lowes website, this is a 3rd party site for people to *** to others about their unhappiness with companies.

Also, so you've been nothing but happy with your expiences (you say yourself you shop there often) with Lowes except for this one time and now you're ready to not shop there ever again because a cashier did not bag your products and you forgot a rake? Wow, I bet you're hard on your kids.

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