Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

i brough a pullin 18in chain saw in tilton new hamp and i also got the extened warrenty i went to lowes in bedford nh to see about getting it fixed because i didnt have my paper work i was told they could do nothing i asked if they could look it up on the computer they said to go back to tilton nh thats 70 miles from my home you can take your storeand stuff it i was going to have lowes get my new cabnits for my home but home depot gets it now your customer services sucks big tim

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You are CLEARLY a low class, uneducated person who can't spell. It's hard to take your complaint seriously.


Dont buy a pulin chainsaw dumba**. thats your first mistake.derrrrrrr


Why did you not keep the receipt. The reason that Lowe's spends so much money to print you a receipts is so you can show them the receipt when you have problems with your perches. Also, If you can't keep up with your own paper work, why would you expect the store that you did not buy the product at to be able to keep your paperwork?


Hey, Big Tim, instead of buying a chainsaw, I think your money would be better spent going to night school and taking some remedial English and grammar classes.

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