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I was looking at lawn tractors in the fall of ‘16 and the customer service guy told me if I got a Lowes card I could get no interest for 24 months. So I did and everything was great until I realized my purchases should have been paid by now.

Well they charged an extra $580 in interest anyway even though I thought my bill was paid within the 24 months. I questioned the store, then I called the credid company and when that diidn’t work I called Lowes Headquarters and they refused to help me.

So now I’m calling the Better Business Bureau to see if I can get this resolved. I’m tearing my Lowes card up and going to Home Depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is not a good report ,I came specifically for the 24 mos deal , but this has me worried/


On the other hand, it was Lowes and Lowes employees who offered the fraudulent deal.


You do realize that you don't have credit with Lowes don't you? Your account is with an independent credit company.

Your contact and complaints need to be with them. Weren't you watching your bills and the amount owed on the mower?

If you purchased other items on the account payments would go to those items as well. When you sign up for a no-interest promotion you need to keep track of how your payments are applied to the account and the deferred interest purchase.

to Anonymous #1522683

I’ve reached the desk of the CEO of Synchrony Bank via email. They will resolve my issue today. Sometimes you have to go right to the top.

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