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my husband just got a job last month at $7.55 per hour, my income is ss disability $1500.00 per month . we have been very careful to pay this bill on time, I called and spoke to them but because my husbands name is on the account they could not give me any information, the one I talked to asked what the due date was and if it was recieved on that date.

It was and they still charged a penalty! I tried to call back three times and they would not connect me to an agent.

I am pissed. I bet they would deal with me if my husband doesn't pay.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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They wouldn't talk to you because you were not on the account. That is standard procedure with most companies.

You wouldn't want someone having access to your account that is under just your name would you? Wouldn't be so great when someone unauthorized gained access. If the payment was late than it was late. It probably was received on the due date but not by the cut off time for that day.

Stopping whinning about money that doesn't belong to you. If you don't want problems than use your own hard earned money.

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