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I parked my car around 7 o'clock in the morning and i came back to pick up my car back around 1 o'clock in afternoon. however my car was gone. I tried to look for the notice sticker or signs around the parking lot. but i could not find any signs of my car. therefore I went inside to the lowes and asked about the car. They said they called the towing service and took the car away without noticing me. There was no notice sticker nor call from them. I even left my phone number and name front of the car. I paid $130 to get my car back.

We can not see the warning sign around the parking lot easily. Therefore I am trying to tell to those workers who works in building structures or people who needs to buy some stuff. I recommand to go to the Home depot. Because Lowes can tow your car away if you are not showing up about 4 hours. I am so disappointed. They got better customer services also we can see the parking warning signs easier than lowes. Lowes is so cheap that they will tow your car away without call or notice tag if you park your car for a while.

Also Lowes is not really helpful to us. If our car broke down front of the Lowes, we can not park the car. Beacuse they will tow your car without noticing even if your car is broke. I truely recommand not to use lowes. They are so cheap and not helpful to us.

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This is so funny! I can't believe someone has the nerve to complain about getting their car towed in a private parking lot.

I love the rants on this site. Full of angry miserable people that think the world owes them for every inconvenience.

Hmmm here is an idea, try following rules and talking to people with respect. I bet you also went in to the store raising bloody murder and that is probably why no one took the time to help you find your car.


@ Seriously?

I challenge you to spell "challenge."

Learn how to spell! Dumb ***!


Actually there are signs everywhere during football games and stadium events for the cheapskates that dont want to pay for stadium parking so they park at Lowe's and think the signs are a bluff. You have to be blind not to see them!

Lowe's doesn't care, it's the of the plaza security that has the cars towed, not Lowe's. Why should they be held responsible?


Let's see - signs were posted - you parked anyway - car towed. Makes sense to me. After all, it is a parking lot, not a Park-N-Ride.


Let's see, you had $1000 in the back seat and you parked your car in a parking lot (meant for consumers of that business), left it there for a significant amount of time, didn't notify store management or anybody of the situation and you are pissed off at the business for towing your car. Amazing how *** you are and this is just indicative of the attitude prevalent in our country -- that it is always the other guys fault!!

I'm never wrong because I am the consumer and afterall the consumer is always right.

Right?? Wrong, Dummy!!!!

Take responsibility for your actions and grow up!!!!!!


Sounds to me like "wondering" there might be a Lowes' employee or even a store manager to get this upset at the complaint, but why call this person ***? unnecessary! Lowes commited an unprofessional act and total diregard to this person.


Call corp. H.Q.in North Carolina, Lowes does not own the parking lot.They just might cut you a check.


Leadership is a choice and responsibility! If your people love you and follow you, they will help you!

If Lowes knew how to treat their own, they would put Depot out of business!

Ask yourself, how commited are you? A follower obeys, a leader CHALLANGES!


You don't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed my friend. Why don't you park your car in a Home Depot lot if you prefer them.

Or at least tell the stores mgmt of your plight next time. They would probably let you borrow a phone for a tow service.


i know it is my fault that i parked my car in their parking lot. but they should least notice me where is my car at. because i had about $1000 in my back seat.

I didnt know my car was stolen or towed.

to cl1229 #877112

Why would you leave $1000 in the back seat?

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #81098

I'm just wondering why you are parking your car in their lot if you are not in their store shopping. Stores provide parking for their customers, not commuters or people too chesp to pay for a parking spot elsewhere. Don't blame Lowes you basstard.

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