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We have been suing Lowe's for the past 3 years only to hear at Mediation that they were ready to offer us $5,000 to settle our case out of court when my husband and I spend over $100,000 on my house remodeling and b/c of all the issues from Lowe's we had experience from *** and could not recover any money from them and lost money on the house during sale. We are gearing up for a class action Law Suite and are looking for lead plaintiffs.

We already have a law firm lined up and happy to take us on.

Please, send me an email to if you are as pissed as I am and want Lowe's to pay for their fraudulent representation of professional service and robbing consumers all over the nation!!!

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Here is a prime example of someone working the system. they get someone to perform a service it doesn't meet God's expectation of perfection and they sue.

For losing money on the home sale blame that on the real estate agents and property appraisers for inflating property prices and then the big pow. price drops all over the country.

Good Luck sounds like your just trying to recoup your lost from an where you can. Oh and you are more then likely house flippers and you payed to much for the house and figured you were going to make a killing on the house and you just had poor judgement.