Roselle, Illinois
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I open up an account with lowes in April 17, 2019 made my payments on time didnt max my 3000 dollar limit. I got an alert from credit karma saying my account was closed.

I call the card and they said my credit score went down well it was ip when ypu issued the card and yes it did go down because i applied for other loans that i was approved for and pay on time.

What give lowes the right to review. My credit again without my permission

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Close account.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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First of all, you didn't have an account with Lowes but an independent credit company. It's obvious that you didn't take time to read the credit agreement you signed when you opened the account.

If you had, you would be aware that it said that they will check your credit rating from time to time and adjust your limits as your credit changes. If your credit score goes up, they would,ld increase your limits. If your score goes down, so does your limit.

You obviously opened too many accounts and spent too much for them to be comfortable with. Blame yourself for taking on so much debt.


Hey Anonymous - Wow - you sure have a bunch of assumptions and unhelpful 'thoughts' in your reaction. How about not being a complete *** But then again, you are trying to be helpful with your comment and this is the best you can muster.


What assumptions are you talking about. Read any credit account agreement and you will find that you give the account holder the right to review your credit.

The post state that they opened other loans as well as the card and that their credit rating went down as a result.

It is obvious the the company that holds their Lowes account wasn't comfortable with the amount of credit that had been extended and closed the account. People need to take time and learn about using credit and proper borrowing habits.


I don’t agree.