Walden, New York

i keep getting calls from lowes 980-233-2746 866-664-2317 from India 5-8 times daily. THE BILL IS PAID.

whats worse, they call my sickly, 80 yr old family members. CEO's info is available online because it is public knowledge. Lowes stocks are down. The original owners must be turning over in their graves.

Contacting the BBB.

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Monetary Loss: $45.

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www.lowesceo.com :(


I get called over and over and over again . starting at 7am . Ive never even been to a lowes . I call back every time and ask them to please quit calling me. they promise every day that I will not be called again . they call even more 4 times in 1 hour .

Ive had it Im not changing my number.

Im going to be such a pain in there *** they are going to wish they never had my number . what a *** hole company


If you are getting calls about your Lowe's credit card, then that is coming from GE finance - not Lowe's. Have you found out what the problem is with your bill and shown them proof that it was paid? It is probably a simple computer error.

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