December 28th 2020I ordered a snowblower from your website Greece New York store. I paid $69.00 for delivery.

I received it January 18th 2021. In The photos you can see what was sent to me.

It had the following problems...

* No head light cover

*Cracked spark plug

*Dirty,Rusty and chewed up

*No key

*Oil tank was bone Dry (Store manager said it does not come with oil - THAT'S A LIE!) I used your online chat for help. They were useless! They told me to call the the warranty phone number.

They were also useless. The warranty dept told me to contact the manufacturer or the store it self. I called the store and talked to So many people it wasn't funny. One person told me they don't make this model anymore so they will pick up the old one and send me the upgraded Model and that Never happened !

I got shuffled around from person to person including the delivery manager. Finally after a hours of phone calls I talk to the lady at the customer service desk. Believe it or not she was the only one who listened and knew anything. She took my phone number and gave it I assume was a manager who was on lunch.

Half hour latter she called me back. She was horrible to talk too. Funny thing is she said they had 18 Snowblowers of the model I ordered in stock! She told me she wouldn't upgrade as I was promised .

That was the first lie! When I told her it had no oil , she said it doesn't come with oil - That was lie number 2!! I had to wait till January 23 2021 for the junk your company sold me to get picked up and get a replacement. That store was clueless!

The manager I assume I talked to was rude and unprofessional! I Don't know how any company could sell something so beat up to there customers! I am extremely angry and insulted by your store and what was sent to me! I never got the upgraded model as promised per to one person claimed they didn't make that model anymore.

I HAD to wait another 6 days to get the replacement! The Store manger only gave me $169.00 back for my trouble! $69.00 of that was a delivery fee the manager claimed I should of never have been charged. So I Paid well over $900.00 For a rusty beat up none running snowblower I had to wait from December 28th 2020 to January 18th 2021 then wait another six days.

The store is not far at all from my house. If I had a truck I would of picked it up. I Live on Disability and take care of My mom who has Bladder cancer. So The money I spent was a lot to me.

Even your Facebook page stopped talking to me after I wanted more in return and I said i will contact my lawyer and I will if we can't settle this. I hate to go public with this but you see the photos. So my question how can we settle this? The Replacement and the insulted $169.00 I received is not enough for the stress and everything I went through.

What you don't understand is that Junk you sold me cost more than what I paid in Disability in a month. I told the store manger I wanted a 50% Discount and my $69.00 back. She refused and rudely replied I was crazy and the most she would give me is $169.00 . I expect that kind of response from Wal-Mart and not from Lowes who claims to care!

I will do everything in my power to ruin The Greece New York Lowes reputation . I refuse to buy anything from any Lowes again. After reading comments on Your Instagram page I see I am not alone . its full of negative comments about your company.

I even saw a comment from a employee stating you people don't back up your employees! Can we work something out?

Location: Rochester, New York

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