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Dear Sir/Madam, Actually, to work for one of the biggest brand names in the Market as Lowes suppose to be an honored and must make sure the clients are always happy and satisfied with the service because the challenging in the Market is very touch nowadays. I'm one of the clients had a very bad experience with Lowes and will never ever deal or purchase any products anymore even it is for free.

I will deal from now an later one with HomeDepot because it is very important to deal with professionals and not *** service. The reason of this complaint bout this manager (Mr. Woody). He is unprofessional and does not deserve to be a manager.

I placed an order for a stand shower on 03/03/2017. I received an email that will arrive to the store on 03/14/2017 for pick up. I find Mr. Ryan is calling me on 03/13/2017 to inform me the vendor has a delay schedule and will be unable to deliver the stand shower on 03/14/2017!!!

i said you are call me on 13th and i suppose to stop by tomorrow to pick up my product. The harm I got from the UN-experienced, careless and unprofessional of customer service of Mr. Ryan and management of Mr. Woody as follows: 1- Licensed contractor will demolish the whole Bathroom and will cost me $7,000 i paid him in advance $4,000.

The agreement that will start on 03/16/2017 which never happened because the stand shower will not arrived to the store! 2- when i inform the Contractor that he can not start on 03/16/2017 he rescheduled me the first week on September because he is booked! and of course the $4,000 will stay with him 3- I canceled the Hotel reservation since i booked 8 days in a hotel till he finishes. 4- I am leaving the country on vacation 03/28/2017.

everything was messed up because there is no coordination from lowes management with the vendor who deals with at a Daily base. if you as Lowes are unprofessional don't expect to deal with a professional vendors.

I'm very upset with my bad experience and if no one who cares about Lowes reputation I will cancel my order and I will go to HomeDepot and i will contact the Media , channel 4 and channel 7 to give them a clear picture about my experience with Lowes and pretty sure they will take it from there. My name is Ayman Antoun you can reach me at (718)3950890

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $612.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Lowes Cons: Late delivery, Unprofessional management.

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Solon, Ohio, United States #1308753

An experienced Kitchen & Bath contractor will not begin a full remodel until all materials are on site and inspected for fit and

possibility of any damage on your product. Just an unfortunate situation.

The store doesn't have control over shipping and/freight in most cases.



What kind of a fool are you? Most people would appreciate the fact that the store notified you there would be a delay in their order.

Lowes does not manufacturer the shower and can only give you expected delivery dates based on the information they are provided by the manufacturer. I don't know what you expect the store to do. If it isn't an item they have, they can't magically make one appear for you.

Whenever you are working on a project and delivery dates are critical buy a stock item that is in the store. Don't bad mouth a manger because he can't provide things that he realistically can't.

Houston, Texas, United States #1305822

Ayman Antoun :

You do realize that anyone reading this complaint, and it very well be someone who DOES NOT work at Lowes, now has your telephone number, and that person can call you?

Why would you leave your personal phone number on a website that anyone can use?

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