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YOUR appliances are junk i am telling customers not to buy your junkey appliances.i have had mind about a year it cracking and peeling inside this junky microwave.you should have to replace it.i bought it at LOWES LUMBER YARD IN FT.SMITH AR.i will never buy another ge appliance again.i will write the editor on your appliances here in ok and all states warning them about your junk you sell to the customers.at least give us another microwave.we work for a living .where you people set behind a *** desk.and draw big money off of your customers.thats ok because you do have to answer to god all mighty.i wouldnt want to be in your shoes.not for a minute.i hope your company is proud of there selfs for ripping off your customers.after all if it wasnt for your customers.guess what you would be out of a job.and you wouldnt be driving these big luxery cars and living in these big luxery homes.your president of the company,should want to please the customers.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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to who you are your ge appliances are on the low side compared to the other brands and so is your iq


no one said you are elves,but if you are going to handle ge appliances then they need to work and also you may not sit behind a desk,but some one is getting rich.judging by my letter it got your attention,and your frigidaire are good appliances i never had any trouble out of them i had them for years,infact i just bought some brand new ones and paid over a 1000.00 cash,one was a side by side the other was a freezer,and i must say the side by side come from wash.dc.so my advise to you is dont carry the ge appliances.you have a good day who ever you are and god bless you


Uh, ahem....I work for Lowe's and trust me, I do not sit in a big *** desk drawing big money. Also, last time I looked, our Lowe's store does not have a team of Elves working at a table in the back assembling microwaves or any other appliances that we sell.

They are made by GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, etc, NOT LOWE'S.

Rather than complaining here on the board, I would instead invest in a book on improving one's grammar, that seems to be more of a problem for you, sir or ma'am, judging by the typographical errors in your letter. But have to admit, pretty good for Arkansas.

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