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I recently ordered some items online and chose the option to pick them up in the store. These weren't items that needed to be shipped from anywhere - they were in stock at the store, according to the website.

I placed the order the night before and intended to get the merchandise on my way home from work the next day and get back home so we could finish our project quickly that evening. According to the order confirmation I could pick up the items at Customer Service. So I went to the customer service counter with my ID and order confirmation. Nothing was there.

The customer service employee diddled around on a computer for 15 minutes and could find nothing. I asked why it was that the items weren't waiting for me at the counter, and she didn't know. 20 minutes later she said she would go back to "the dock" and look for my order. I told her the items were in the store, they hadn't been mailed, but she went to the dock anyway.

After another 10 minutes she came back and said she couldn't find them and nobody else was working back there. Finally I said to just credit me for the online order and I would go get the items myself. That took me about 2 minutes - like I said, it was merchandise that they already had in stock. So my "quick" trip to Lowes ended up being nearly an hour, and I still had to get the items myself.

The customer service rep said she'd investigate and get back to me - but I haven't heard word one from anyone.

Shoddy customer service, and a waste of my time. I'll be shopping somewhere else next time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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