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I know there is a class action law suit against the maker of the composit decking but here is my question. Shouldn't Lowe's be suing them instead of the consumer?

Lowe's bought the product and sold it to it's consumers. I was part of the suit, Lowes sent me the paper work, but you should have seen what they wanted you to do to get any satisfaction. Unbelieveable! I now have a hugh deck on the front of my house that is warped and molded and there isn't a thing I can do.

They wanted me to take a picture of the end of one of the boards with the code on it so they could be sure of when I bought it...My deck is enclosed around the bottom and I don't have any of those things, they were removed when the deck was built. Lowe's knows when I bought the material, they sent me the paperwork. Or how about they want me to cut a piece of the deck board with the mold on it and mail it to them. What has this world become?

I spent $2500.00 on decking material plus the cost of having it installed and now I have to pay to have the mold removed several times a year because it looks so awful. I'm done buying anything at Lowe's..they don't stand behind their products.

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When you buy the cheapest brand and lowest grade thats what happens you get what you pay for.


No mold, but deck is discolored and finish is coming off and only 2 months old.


choice deck from lowes is junk it swells in every direction posssible and collects black mold


ChoiceDek is the manuafcturer of the composite deck material sold by Lowes. Lots to discover about ChoiceDek with a simple search.


I am looking into purchasing composite decking. What brand is this? I want to stay away from that manufacture.


They actually are trying to help you by testing the faulty material you purchased to verify it's faulty. Follow the procedures if you want it fixed


Who made the decking? Lowes didn't, they just sold it as did other stores.

Over the years I have had both siding and shingles go bad. It was a manufacturing problem and there were class action suits in both cases. Not only did I get replacement product but labor as well as a resut of the lawsuits. Much better than the regular warranty that would hve only covered the product.

Be smart and fill out the paperwork they sent you and provide the product samples and information requested to support your claim. You will probably come out ahead.