Reston, Virginia

We know your not into a christian store,because you post PISSED consumers and We like to know you talk to your children this way

the complaint again is the store in Kokomo. The counter (5) colleges all the GIRLS and gang up when the customer wants to check out. The girl at the door bothers bothe registers and they constantle refuse to take care of the custonmers first. The customers are a second class citizens in your stores and have no regard to seniors and all my complaints are when we check out we have girls talking to eachother and helping the customer and give advise where they can get a cupon.

what is with the potty mouth in your web sights. you should find another wOMAN to write you material is it gross. By the way you still punish the comsumers because we do not use the card.We use the debit card and we get no thanks ot the 5% as you give to using your card. Lowes has our business now they have customer friendly web sight with no nasty words. Get another girl to write your material or myabe it is a china girls who has no morals for the USA We are forced to click on the box PISSED you see what i am saying your not a christian organization and your people have to humor you to work their knowing they have to be apart of your inmoral advertising

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I love Big ***


What's our problem with chinese women? I think they are cute and great cooks!!


You are clearly a ***!


WHO is off their MEDS


Wow, old people from red states and the internet, that combo never gets old. Upset about the word "pissed", but its ok to insult someone by insinuating the are Chineese? I'm not sure who's more confused, the poster while typing or me while reading.


shut up get of the site! :cry


Huh? :eek