Colorado Springs, Colorado

I shop at the Lowe's store on Powers Blvd. in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Almost every time I shop I have to wait far too long at the checkout. At times there are employees huddled in small groups laughing and goofing off while the customers stand and wait. I know there are "self check out lanes", which I choose not to use. I'm at the point of finding somewhere else to shop if I have to put up with this much longer. I would think that your managers could see this and correct it.

Thanks -

John Kimmel

3850 Happy Jack Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO 80922

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Here's an idea - don't shop there anymore (although I suspect no one is capable of meeting your expectations).


shop there all teh time, maintain home plus 7 properties

always quick, always great

GAL (get a Life)


Ever been to Wal-Mart? How about a third world country? You have it made either way.


Why don't you use the Self Check out? They invested money in the machines to help with this very issue. If you don't use them because you say it takes someones job, think again. There is a lot of man hours that goes into the software and maintenance of the machines.

As for your complaint, It is Lowe's Policy to have no more than 3 customers in a line. If this does happen(holidays and some weekends for larger stores) then they have a program called line busting that checks you out before you get to the register.

It may be that your store is lacking employees. My store does not have enough people to meet the current demand. It is hard to find people that are willing to work in this community, but that is not Lowe's fault.

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #50855

o sorry thought you were talking about wal-mart.

Desborough, England, United Kingdom #50405

Good idea,go somewhere else to shop ***! :cry

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