Atlanta, Georgia

We are building a new home and my wife wanted all matching appliances. We went to the Cookeville, TN Lowe's but because we had to have a counter depth unit that was not available in the store the associate recommended ordering it from their online store. On that recommendation she went to, found a unit she liked, ordered it, paid by credit card, and set it up for delivery.

When the store called to schedule delivery, I made sure I was on site. The refrigerator they tried to deliver was filthy, dented on both the side and door, and was not protected by a box or any packing material. It looked like a reject from their scratch and dent store! I rejected the unit and told them to re-order. They assured me that it would be in in two weeks. The day before it was to be delivered the store called to tell us that it was back ordered and would not be available for two months. We couldn't wait because we are trying to move in so we decided to cancel the order and buy from another company.

When my wife went to the store to cancel the order she was informed that because she had ordered the unit on line the store would not issue a credit on our credit card but would only issue a store credit. A company that tries to pawn off junk on a customer and refuses to issue a credit when they can't deliver the goods will get no more of my money. They are thieves, nothing more, by demanding that we spend the cost of their defective refrigerator in their store.

I am an Engineer and Business Major and I believe in the power of "word of mouth" advertising. I can guarantee that I will advertise this Lowe's fraud to every one I can reach by word of mouth, on line, and on every forum I am a member of. They have gotten the last penny of my money they will ever see!

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800-445-6937 is the number for their service department. Call and be calm and firm and you will get your money back.

Lowe's really does want you to be happy especially since you just bought a house and are a potential repeat customer.

Just like any other retail store you will get some workers or managers that are awesome and some that suck. You talk to the right person and you'll have your money back and a gift card to boot!


Have you heard of street smarts and book smarts? you are def just book smart...

the store could refund to your card if you have your POP or card for them to research it. and yea lowes sells billions of dollars a year of just junk.. cusotmers return over and over again cause we sell junk..

a+ hero! If you put as much effort into your conversation with the store as you did in this post you'd be very happy!


why don't you just dispute the charge with your credit card company? If Lowe's does not agree with the dispute and the credit card says you do owe it, take it to small claims court.

With any luck, Lowe's will not show up and you can get a judgement. Use this to file a lien on their property in town.

then foreclose on the lien. I like Lowe's and have had good luck with them, but I would also be rather upset if the local store pulled a stunt like this.