Dayton, Ohio

I defaulted on my company card. I wanted to pay off after having some tough times.

the collection agency told me that the account was still collecting interest and the account has doubled.I feel that this is bad not only for me but what about the other people that have not checked their accounts and getting over charged for things. his activity need to stop.

I actually called them and told them I wanted to settle the debt until i found out is was still getting screwed even when it went to collections. i need some to to pay only what i owe.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Walnut Creek, California, United States #614407

You should be complaining to GE money, not Lowes. You shouldn't have a credit card if you don't know who you are actually paying.

And once you default, paying interest now, you need to call the credit agency for a pay off and it's due date. Duh.


When you applied for the credit card you agreed to pay interest on unpaid balances. What logical reason do you have for them to stop charging you interest before you pay what you owe?

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