Laurinburg, North Carolina

I have been doing business with Lowe's for many years. I applied for tax exempt status several years ago and received my number from the IRS.

I farm and use quite a bit of farming supplies and do not have a problem in most places when I use my tax exempt number; however, recently I was at Lowes in Laurinburg,NC (that's my usual store (#2564) and they would not honor my tax exempt status even when I showed them my card with the EID number. I also went back today, 7/4/13, to get something else and they again refused to acknowledge my tax exempt status. At one time they were honoring it,but now say I have to be approved by the store itself. I would like an explanation as to why they used to honor it and now they don't.

I do not plan to shop there anymore until I get an explanation. One more thing, I purchased something from there on 6/5/13 and they did honor it then so why do they do it one time and not another especially if they're supplies I use on the farm.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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similar problem with my local lowes not excepting Texas Ag and Timber Tax exempt & Military discount at the same time when regional policy states neither benefit to the purchaser effects the other. Military discount is thanks to service Texas Ag and Timber Tax Exempt is Texas thanks to farmers one is store one is state I shouldn't be punished for being a veteran farmer and the store doesn't loose anything by honoring both at checkout N. Abilene Lowe's 1634 Musgrave Blvd Abilene, TX 79601, Store #2719 Store Phone: (325) 690-5670 Fax: (325) 690-5673 ProServices Desk: (325) 690-5698


I had the same experience today. Denied tax exempt.

If it's law how can they do that?

I refused to purchase my items and went to Home Depot where they honor it. I won't do business with Lowe's anymore.


I've had Lowe's exempt status for years. Went in today to update with a new exempt certificate date.

They could not pull up the old account with the account number or name, but required a phone number on the account which I did not know. Stated would have to create another account. Customer Service tried twice to submit for a new account and the system failed both times.

Customer Service stated they have been having trouble with exemption submission system for a while. Is it really that difficult to have corporate update or tune the system?


Same problem! Lowes is very mean! HD+10000!


Valuable ideas . I loved the info ! Does someone know where my business would be able to get ahold of a fillable KY DoR 51A126 copy to fill in ?


Think they want you to sign up for their business credit card to be able to use exempt


Yes. I got same happen , So Im not honor them and decide not to purchase from them any more . That is store at Pines Bluff , AR


The information Anonymous gave is incorrect. If you have a IRS FEIN, your purchases related to the business for which you use your FEIN are tax exempt.

For example, if you own a farm and your FEIN is given to you for your farm, then when you buy building or fencing supplies from a retail store, then those items are not taxed at the register.

In closing, take your business to Home Depot. You can register online with Home Depot for your tax exempt account.


A federal number has nothing to do with state sales tax!


There is no such thing as Tax Exempt for retail purchases. IRS tax exempt is Federal. If you want to avoid paying sales tax, you need state tax exemption, which you likely won't be able to get.


You are incorrect. Business have a Federal ID number, but also a State Tax Exempt number, if they are tax exempt.

I work for the local government.

The gentleman at Lowes actually tried to tell me that I could only purchase product tax exempt in Indiana since our tax exempt number is an IN tax exempt.

That is also not correct, as we live near the border of two states and purchase products in both states on a regular basis.

Lowes needs to get their act together.


Susan, sorry but a state TE number is only useable for tax exempt purchases in the state of issue. No matter how close you live to the boarder of a neighboring state.


Anonymous, actually that is not true. I am a federal employee and we have state issued tax exempt number and when we purchase items online (from other states) they honor our tax exempt because you are paying the tax of where you are located, not where the business is located and I also live right on the border between two states and the neighboring state honors our tax exempt as well.


go to home depot


Tax exempt numbers have to be put through corporate. Go to the customer service desk, and it takes 5 mins. From then on out, you just have to give your phone number and they'll be able to pull it up every time with no issues.

They probably "honored" it before because they didn't want to hear you *** over a couple of dollars.


Two employees gave me the look at the desk this evening (in my professional clothing, not because of my appearance like they didn't believe me or something) and told me its a corporate thing, I would need to contact them and come back.

went across the street to HD to a staff member that not only told me what to do but gave me a terminal to fill out my information on, print my form with barcode to use at any register and faxed it to corporate for me so I wouldn't have to.

+1,000 points HD.