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Went to Lowes Burlinton the weekend they opened to get an appointment with a kitchen designer. I was told that someone would call me in the next few days to set up an appointment.

I waited 2 weeks for a call. I went back in to set up an appointment. My wife sat down with someone from the kitchen dept and started working out a design that they were going to send us. It never arrived. I then sent a request to their customer service dept to try and get things moving, but all they did was have the same person that we were dealing with us call and say " I hear your interested in a kitchen"!

I then explained to her that we went to their store today and finally got another appointment. When we were there she opened our file and it was still just sitting there. Nothing had been done. So we had another appointment scheduled for to upcoming Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning 2 hours before the appointment they called and cancelled on us! The appointment was rescheduled for the following Sunday. My wife went in and sat down with her again for another hour and was told that we would revive an updated design within a week. Never received anything from them and still to this date have never heard back from them. So we are now having to start all over with someone else and Lowes has wasted 10 weeks of our time! We were hoping to have the kitchen in by sometime in May, but thanks to their wonderful staff and customer service it probably won't happen till July!

Needless to say that we are very disappointed in the way we were treated and I will never buy anything from them again.

If I could tear out all the drywall and lighting I already bought from them and return it I would!

Happy shopping at Lowes in Burlington,Ont.

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That's unfortunate to hear about your experience. I have just finished designing and purchasing my kitchen with the team there and had a completely different experience.

Very positive and encouraging.

Perhaps you should call the store and speak with their management to let them know about this.

All the best with your kitchen.

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