Lexington, South Carolina

Ordered laminate countertops from Lowes on 1-7-2014 with predicted delivery of 7-22-2014. We were getting them delivered but installing them ourselves.

Originally we measured ourselves but they insisted on coming out to measure. Got a call 1-21-2014 that one of the parts broke in delivery. I was confused by how a big box store who does this regularly could make such a mistake. We resolved the issue with a rush delivery and got it delivered 1-25-2014.

That night we went to install the countertops but discovered that the middle piece - our kitchen is a U-shape - is too long! I went into the store 1-26-2014 to discuss resolution with the store but they appeared to not believe me. The associate came to my house, which I have to say quite quickly, to measure and see what the issue was. He agreed it was too large and since they did the measuring that it had to be resolved by the store.

The manager did not contact us but it took us to contact them. 48 hours goes by without anyone fixing this issue. My husband went up there today, 1-28-2014 and talked to management since someone should have come by to measure today per management yesterday. Their resolution?

TWO more weeks until it can be delivered and $150 giftcard. Honestly it just doesn't fix the issue. That's TWO more weeks WITHOUT a sink, while we are trying to sale our house! Which makes a total of THREE weeks without a sink, one week without countertops at all, and two weeks with the countertop shoved into our walls which we now have to fix because of their incorrect measurement.

We are currently negotiating with other local companies because at this point I don't want anything to do with Lowes.

Want new countertops? RUN from Lowes and go to your local store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Why would you put your house on the market before all the upgrades have been done


Common sense would tell me to check the measurements of the new tops BEFORE I tore out the old countertops. Had you taken a minute or two to make sure the new tops fit you wouldn't be without a sink or countertops at all.