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We applied for credit card..we have a score of 780, so we get credit wherever we go. We were put on the phone with their GE Capital Credit guy to verify our identity....we gave hiim every form of ID we had and all our address, phone, mortgage info, payment amount, bank, etc.

and he kept asking us about an another account we DONT have. So it rejected us. We stood in line for over 1 hour wrangling over this. Unbelievable!

I don't know how they can screw this up so bad!

We were both so angry. Uggghhh

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I don't know how that put out address as Monroe NC. I did't put that or any city or address. Just to set the record straight we have never lived in Monroe,NC


Several years ago my wife thought she had lost her lowes card. (just misplaced, was found later) However, we reported it and the Credit department told us they would cancell that card and send another card.

This was done--After we received the new card we now had two accounts with the same balance. We made numerous calls to clear this matter up with no luck. We would be told it was cleared up and sorry for the trouble and then get mail that we were being sent to a collection agency for the unpaid amount. However, on the other account we would get mail trying to sell us the world.

We finally realized this for some reason could not be cleared up by the staff working at this time and payed the account off and closed the account. We stopped getting theatening mail and thought our problem was solved. Some years later we applied for a loan to buy a vacation home and guess what---We had a bad debt against us from lowes. We explained what had happened to the bank and the bank did not hold that against us.

Our credit report was ecellent EXCEPT FOR THIS. I still get mad when I think about this. We have worked hard during our life and payed bills on time to protect our credit.

How someone can be so *** and not be able to understand people just don't have two accounts with the same balance,name, address and all the other information is beyond me. This should have been an easy fix from the beginning.


Maybe you should take this as a warning that you should check what's on file at the credit bureau. You might find that someone has opened accounts in your name and is driving your credit score down.

Haven't you heard of credit fraud? You may be getting a first hand education.

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