Gig Harbor, Washington
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i paint all the 3 -4 times a year so i thought i'd give valspar sandstone a whirl 2 caots my foot all i painted was my living room and hall 18 x14 it took 4 gallon and still looks like *** yes i followed the directions what i normaly paint in four hours top took me 14 hrs i only stopped long enough to go purchase more paint ,color is beautiful stormy peak paint is not my walls look like my 3yr granddaughter painted them $ 120.00 + i can't afford to repaint them some of the walls have 4 coats on them and you can still see the primer , not a happy camper

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Try using a lamb skin heavy nap roller and Ralph Laurin or Benjam Moore paint as they cover very good.


rhonda, rhonda, rhonda,

do your shoulders hurt from your head banging on them as you bobble head whine. May have read the directions.

But you did not follow them. Next time before you do anything try reading the directions first.


seeing how it would take three gallons of sandstone to do one coat on a room that size do not see how you managed to put four coats on in some spots? also, sandstone being thicker texture should be allowed to dry longer.

that means there is no way you finished two coats in only fourteen hours when the second coat is to be applied by a brush only. next time try telling the truth or better yet read the instructions.


Did you use a stain blocker and not just a dry wall primer ? Are painting over a glossy or oil paint ?

Your painting 4 times a year? -do you rent ?


Paint there makes me happy very not. Home Depot you go. Very happy they make you.


Huh?....I don't know what she said, but she said it!