Jackson, Tennessee

Below are pictures of plantation shutters that I ordered from Lowes in Knoxville Tn off of Chapman Highway( which they sub contracted blind ambitions) This is the 6th pair that has been put on my back door. I have a contract with Lowes that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

When the 5th pair came in and they were broken I did not want the hassle to have them to re-order again and WAIT on them to come in. We went up to Lowes and spoke to manager and asst manager that we were fed up and have given them more opportunities than they really deserved and they were trying to blame Blind Ambitions whom they contracted out and we quickly advised them that we did not hire Blind Ambitions that they did! The manager asked what she could do to resolve this and I told her i wanted her word that if the shutters has the same quality of work that I want a full refund for what I paid for shutters and a new back door since now my door has 20 holes in it, both manager and asst manager agreed to it. when the new shutters came in and was installed I was not surprised to the *** on my backdoor, the craftsmanship is awful.

The cuts are crooked, there is a big gap next to cut out and at the bottom of shutters its not even cut straight. My next call was to Lowes and the corporate office in North Carolina after Lowes in Knoxville was giving me a run around on my money and my back door. I was told by Lowes that it is my opinion that shutters dont look good, it is there opinion that they look good! I asked about there satisfaction guaranteed and they said again its your opinion!

************** I am asking everyone to like share with your friends! I want Lowes to know that if they treat customers like this and it will get around and I want everyone to know that there satisfaction guaranteed is not worth the paper its written on and they have management there that does not tell the truth!!!

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Why did you have them installed on the door if the cuts were so bad? If you have had so many problems why didn't you look at the shutters before the installer put them on the door? Seems like a person with a little bit of common sense would have inspected the quality of the shutter before any work was done.