Lake City, Florida

lowes in lake city fl is the crappiest lowes ive ever seen!!there is not any employees around to tell or help you with anything,if you can find someone they point to where whatever it is your looking for than you have to go and search for it all over.the employees there at lowes in lake city i feel are just waiting on a paycheck.also ,from what ive been told 90 percent of staff (non management only make 8-10 dollars an hour!!!maybe thats why the're not motivated!come on lowes,wake up and pay and push your employees to do better.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #832766

What do you need, someone to hold your hand and take you from item to item?


You are the one that needs to wake up. Shareholders only care about the bottom line.

The reason it's so hard to find someone is they keep cutting back on payroll. The few people that are left just can't walk everyone all over the store, thats why they point.

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