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So Ive paid a good paying Lowe's customer for about 2 years now. Opened a credit card with them in 2015 when I bought my house and use the card to purchase fixings for the house.

Fast forward to 2017- again, no late payments, no payment issues, card balance $0.00 on an original credit line of $4300.00. Im trying to increase my credit line now to make a big ticket purchase so I went online and was looking to see if this would be considered a hard or soft credit check- if I increase my credit line to about $5000. nothing on the site. ok cool.

So I called customer service and the rep is telling me credit increases are "always soft inquiries" great!! so I asked for where I can see what she is telling me as I have a 800 credit score and am very protective of my credit and don't just want to run it for no reason. She puts me on hold and comes back saying she couldn't see anything of the check being a soft check online but she knows its a soft inquiry. UMMMM no sweetie???

I don't need you to think, I need you to know and have it in writing. She puts me on hold to ask the "manager" if there is any documentation where I can see this and comes back saying the manager says it could be a hard or soft inquiry and she doesn't know and there is nothing she can send me or direct me to the website to see any of that. well guess what lowe's... customer lost because you cannot tell me that something so simple you either don't know, telling me its a soft inquiry and you don't know, have nothing in writing and cannot direct me to somewhere where I can get the answer ????

disappointing and disgusting. I will take my further business elsewhere to a company I can trust that has documentation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: lack of knowledge by both the CSR and manager.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I thought you preferred a hard one over a softy any day of the year.

to Harry Richard 4 you #1356735

Your wife is giving me a hard one right now


Lowe's does not issue credit cards. Call Synchrony Bank, the issuer of Lowe's branded store cards.

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