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this is my story ==a year or so i aplied for a creditcard and was approved. i had a 500.00 line ofcredit.

i had charged about 300. paid it off on balance was 0. i decided to get some storm windows for my house for the winter.i spent 10.00 in gas, go in find my windowsjust a 187.

i go to the check, guess whatmy good credit line now has dropped to notice no nothing . yes i destroyed my card right then.lowes sucks they don't need me and

i don't need them ===

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Lowes doesn't sell Brake's.


I worked for Lowe's for 3 years. No raise, no promotions, only head aches.

The managers they promote are fresh out of high school with no training or work experience and it shows. They hire co-workers to fill in the slots for 5 cent more than the steak and shake up the road, again high schoolers and leave you with these people to try and run/close a department. If you complain, you get written up, then eventually, they will find something to axe you with. I have seen it to many times.

No, corperate doesn't care, they have made their money and now its gonna be just like all the other big box store back in the day, just pull in all the money they can for the next 10 years, screw the workers and then sell-out to Wal-mart. The goings on with this company today would kill the original founders 10 times over if they only new. Companies like this one are the reasons why our econonmy is so sluggish, corperate greed and pennies for the workers.

Everyone at corperate turns their head and doesn't want to admit to the stuff going on with this company, hey, why would they...I mean, who would raise a stink about something when they were making $200,000 a year answering phones? Another big box store rip off of a company.

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