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On 3/20/13 I was fired by Lowes which I have worked for 5 years for protecting the honor of a female employee. Of course the Dept MNG who caused the incident & then started the gossip around the store is still there much to the surprize of most employees.

I do the right thing & pay the penelty for it. I'm 62 years old & will probably never be able to get another job.

So on welfare I'll go & let thr rest of america pay for it. After 40 years of retail selling I get penilized for being a gentleman.

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The same thing happened to me, I was fired also for nothing, I had been harassed by two co-workers for years, I was wrongfully terminated, I can not find a job, but the store manager that fired me, a month later he got fired, Lowes does not care anything about it's employees, I have never seen any company like Lowes, they hate their employees and want them gone if they have been there for 5 years or more, the only managers that get to stay at Lowes are the ones that are as hateful as the upper management, Lowes open door policy is a joke and used in a way to find people that complain so they can fire them. Lowes is going down hill fast and will soon be in very serious financial trouble, indications show that they are now hurting right now and that is why they are laying off so many people and so many complaints and lawsuits against them, look at "Lowes Lawsuits" on the internet and see just how many that they are, it is amazing how Lowes can have so many lawsuits in the past few years since the previous CEO left, the present CEO is running the company in the ground.


Sorry to hear this. I to am 62 years old and don't think Lowe's is the only company out there that treats employee's bad.

I too am being taken advantage of by my boss because he knows I have no where to go and I won't quit because that would screw up my pension.

These kids they hire as managers do not realize that one day they will be old and how would they feel receiving the same treatment. Good luck whatever you do.


I work for a competitor of Lowes. I stood up for an injustice a clear wrong in our system.

Instead of management fixing the issue I was being threatened about being fired. The management in any store like this is typically uneducated and horrible leaders. The sad part is they have way too much power too and they don't know how to use it.

Most of them just use it for personal gain and speaking out against it just gets you in trouble.


Sorry to hear this. Yes, you will be lucky to find another job.

What "goes around, comes around" and the Dept Mgr. will get his due.

You can go to regional, district or corporate with support from others in the store. Give it a shot and hope the best for you, from one old guy to another.


Good advice. 14 years @ Lowes.

Have had good, poor & bad managers.

The bad ones do eventually get their due. It just takes a loooong timmmmme!


I just came across this posting while searching for complaints about Bobs Discount Furniture. I'm sorry to read your experience at Lowes.

At 62 years old it was sad to hear of this. I do wish you all the best. I hope you consider possibly fighting this issue. I believe in honesty, karma, and other employees standing up for each other.

Reach out to your fellow employees for some help. After all it could be them one day.

Your friend on Long Island