In short, ordered white farmhouse Diamond custom cabinets assembled. 2 doors came out to partial shipment, they were grey.

Couldnt wait for another 8-12 weeks for new cabinets so decided to use them. Offered 10.% refund. Havent seen it yet then v, yes theres more. While installers were installing the cabinets one wall then the next wall when it came time to do the corner wall with the refrigerator and big cabinets it came to their attention that the designer ordered 42 inch cabinets which would not fit with the 12 inch top for a glass cabinets and 6 inch crown molding.

Advised lows of another mistake and theyre only solution so far given to me by the associate who did the order was they would be by tomorrow to pick up the cabinets to return them and order the 36 inch cabinets they shouldve ordered to begin with so therefore I would be without kitchen cabinets for another 8 to 12 weeks no mention about the 10% that they offered to begin with for the mistake in the color and no call from a manager. Only way the cabinets would work is if I dropped them down 6 inches which would make my space between my countertop and the bottom of my cabinets 12 inches which is unfathomable.

Lowes still has no

Resolution and although I have called the complaint number twice on the color and the timeline of receiving them the third call today after waiting on hold almost an hour for a wrap I gave them my story of whats been going on and how upset I am and then the middle of the conversation the call was disconnected. Still no resolution stuck with gray cabinets that dont fit

User's recommendation: Never shop at Lowe’s for anything especially custom cabinets and appliances.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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