Naples, Florida
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We purchased a custom vanity and counter top for our bathroom. We included Lowe's installation in the purchase.

The contracted company came out to measure and access and said install would be easy. We then learned that Lowes would not install the unit we ordered from them. We tried to get someone else to install but they ran the other way when they learned it came from Lowes. We then asked Lowes to honor their contract and get someone out to install the vanity that had already been delivered.

After talking to the GM he said he would see if we could get the install to happen. After 3 phone calls to the GM he said they could not install. So we have an empty bathroom that does not function and Lowe's is taking back a 2K unit they will not be able to use. Does this make any sense.

I am having 50 women here this weekend and they will all see and empty bathroom and know that it is Lowe's fault. No more Lowes for me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Did they give you a reason for not installing it. Lowes wouldn't and can't just back out.

At my store, we bend over backwards even on things that are not our fault to resolve for the customer. There has to be a reason.


One word: corporate.

That will help you immensely.



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