Anchorage, Alaska
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2 months after we bought a frigidaire dishwasher from Lowes we noticed our flooring next to the machine bubbling up. It turned out that the dishwasher had been leaking all along.

Lowes sent out a tech who found a crack under the float. Ever since then we have been on a wild goose chase between Lowes customer care and frigidaire. The service is unbelievably bad.

Every time we call Lowes, we have to explain our situation to a new rep who doesn't know anything, supervisors are exactly the same. We will never go to Lowes again and pass the word around.

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Very similar thing happened to me too, mine was a loose nut, my insurance company determined that it was faulty installation which destroyed my kitchen see review #393565. Insurance company suing for reimbursement. Lowe's will have nothing to do with us, Niblock will not return any of my emails and Lowe's Facebook blocked me and my family from posting there because we were posting pictures and videos.


2-11-12 lowes sales staff stopped caring about you and your whining ***. Frigidaire build the ruddy piece of garbage anyway and you being tight opted for it. cut *** in the floor under it and let the water drain out under your trailer


"RetailCop" and "hot in la" Lowes employees who are working hard for their Manager Master for their next .15 cent raise.

:zzz :zzz :zzz :grin :grin :grin


Pass the word!!! Who cares??

Lowe's does not manufacture a single product in the store! Grow up and take the necessary steps...Or buy a different brand.


The problem is not Lowe's, it's Frigidaire. They build them in Mexico.

After seven days, your warranty goes to the manufacturer on ALL Appliances. (read the big sign as you walk in),