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I work for Lowe's Home Improvement Stores. I don't like customers that come to my store and ask for extra discounts just because they don't want to pay the price.

We only match the same product ( brand ). The famous words is I'll just go to Home Depot. or Walmart if it was the same way didn't you buy it from them. Seems that Lowe's product is better quality.

If customer don't like what they hear they call home office and lie about what happened causing problems for the employee. Customer needs to learn that Lowe's isn't flea market.

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lowe's blow's every body knows


Lowe's and Home Depot will not, I repeat, WILL NOT carry the same model numbers for that very reason! Especially with appliances!

You customers who think you have done your "research" are ignorant. Lowe's is a company to make money! They price match on things with a 45% margin. They can afford to knock 15% off for a price match.

Go ahead and go to Home Depot and when they "screw" you, come on back. Musical stores!


The item may have been a maytag product but if the model number is not the same then the item is different in some way. Hence the price change.

Whaaaaaaa mean ol lowes wouldnt give me the a cheaper price for their better maytag model. Grow up and actually understand the policies.

If I want a car that has air and a super charger and take a price for a basic model and try to get you to match the price and beat it...would you. I dont think so.


I just left Lowe's tonight with the same exact item, a Maytag range. I took with me the Home Depot lower price ad. Lowe's wouldn't honor their low price guarantee.

You are right. Consumers do their homework and try to get their best price. Unfortunately when companies such as Lowe's Home Improvement Stores do not honor the guarantees, I will go to the other companies.

Yes, I have filed a complaint with corporate.

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